For the Sake of Arguments

Allahuma shali ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad wa salam. Al Fatiha.

People with knowledge (or without knowledge for that matter) tend to argue with each other. This what makes life miserable.  Maybe their arguments are correct. But that does not make argumentation right. Why? Because the truth from our knowledge is relative, as it is growing as our knowledge grows. Could it be that people tend to forget arguing is the trade mark of Iblees?

It is interesting to note that pople do not argur about their look. Some people are handsome some people are ugly. They never have any dispute over it. Some people are rich, some people are poor. They never argue about it. Some people have more power upon a certain larger dominion and other people have power upon smaller dominion. But nobody argue about it. Of course in case where someone is stepping on others regarding their look, their wealth or their dominion, then a certain argumentation wil arise, and maybe it will develop into an open war.

But argument over a knowledge, especially if it is concerning religious matters, are easily ignited. Why? Because actually the boundary between one’s interpreation to other person’s interpretation concerning a matter is not very clear. It is vague. So every body become insecure and sensitive, and have bad opinion (su’udzan) toward each other. And here is the entry point for the Iblees whisper.

All these commotions can be avoided, if every body realize that Allah’s knowledge are infinite. And He has the power, has the right, to give a certain knowledge to a certain person and not to others. And He gives to others, a different knowledge. Why does He do such thing? It is a test for every body. It can also be interpreted as He is showing His knowledges are abound. Or other good opinions toward Him.

If everybody realize this fact, and instead of spending time to argue with each other, we apply what we know for our own good and the good of those surrounding us, merrily, then we have a better chance of making Him pleased, and thus He will shower all of us with additional knowledges that will make each of us happier.

So please stop arguing and do good thing according to our own knowledge, thus more knowledge will be evolved. And every body will see that life is truly beautiful. Alhamdulillah. Astaghfirullah.

Ya Allah forgive our ignorance.

Bi hurmati Habib. Al Fatiha

12  Agustus, 2010

As salamun alaikum

sutono saimun joyosuparto


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