Algorithm Of Learning Process Demonstrated Through NABI S.A.W. Part 1

Allahuma shali ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad wa salam. Al Fatiha.

Algorithm Of Learning Process Demonstrated Through NABI S.A.W. Part 1

There is only Allah represented by 1. And the rest is 0 (nil or zero) representing Muhammad. Then Allah creates this mirage from the light of Allah and the light of Muhammad, the whole universe with all its physical laws. This shows that Allah does not create all this but for Muhammad, to show His existence  and His Attributes, so that man and jinn worship Him. It is a very disfficult  concept this two kalimah shahadat, but by analogy it is more acceptable and easy to understand using analogy demonstrated by binary numbers 1 and 0. It took mankind 15 centuries to get into this digital analysis, which available after mathematicians discover that almost anything can be represented by combination of 1 and 0. Of course it should be like that. In  reality everything is created using nur Allah and nur Muhammad s.a.w.

And then Allah and the angels shali ala Nabi s.a.w.. That means the whole universe is filled with shalawat ala Nabi s.a.w. exclusively, because even the “empty space” is creation, and waited by a certain angel.

Having set this structure, then Muhammad s.a.w. ,The Man, was brought in to this world. He was brought up far from his original habitat, such that he was then unlettered (ummi?), But as an alternate, he became very skillful in memorizing structured words. And this is the beginning of the learning process. So the first five ayats  were down loaded. I don’t know,  it looked like he s.a.w. was already inspired by Allah about the basic adab for learning : listen and obey. In other words it is learning by doing. As soon as one get the subject matter, he is supposed to transfer that or to pass that along to others.

This action of passing along the subject matter to others can be considered as thawaf, recycling or repeating. Other elements contribute to the learning process. The first is   Rukun Iman consists of soft wares, which are gifts. The software is down loaded into the heart of whoever  He wants, and then installed or formatted into his mind and become his mind set.

And the second is :  Rukun Islam consists of  actions or executions. Those are (1) Recite the Two Shahadah; (2) Observe shalat; (3) Pay zakat; (4) Fasting Ramadhan; (5) Recycling Bai’tullah. We notice that this religion name is coming from this Rukun Islam, instead of the Rukun Iman Why? Because Islam is about doing not about knowing. Man is judged according to his doing, his work. Not about his knowledge. Knowledge is down loaded to man by Allah. So it is a gift, a reward, not a result of an effort. Just by being syukur, He will down loaded more of it, as He wishes, as He wants. We also notice that the fifth Rukun Islam contains a cycling performance. I think It symbolizes repeat the 1st, the 2nd , the 3rd , and the 4th. So the important part of learning process is repeating. Now what is actually syukur? It came to me the story that sayyida Aisah (r.a. is the same for a lady?) asked Nabi s.a.w. why he s.a.w. bother to perform the long pray at night until his legs were swollen, is it not that Allah already pardon his sins and become the first man who are in Hadhirat Ilahiyyah while he is still alve? Nabi s.a.w. answered :”Am I not entitle to be syukur for what I am?” Or something on this line. Nabi s.a.w. has achieved the highest possible station which no one else can even imagine. So he does not want anything for himself, in doing all that strenuous praying. It was for his ummah. Hence my interpretation of syukur is “make use whatever already in your hands for the good of yourself and those around you or others”, besides saying alhamdulillah and show appreciation of it all. This is one very important equipment for learning process.

The other equipment is shabar. What is the main component of shabar such that Allah is with those who is shabar?  The main component is good opinion (husn al-zann) toward Allah. Of course if that is the case surely Allah are with those who is shabar. Al Quran also said “ask with shalat and shabar”. Because that one having good opinion toward Allah, if he find himself in a difficult situation, he will not spend any time for blaming it to anybody. Instead he will try  to find any good in the situation, and with time (not in haste) will try to find a way out of the uncomfortable zone, with all of his potential.

Nabi s.a.w. said something like (maybe it was not exactly as written here) :”Muslim should be happy : if something good befall on him, he is syukur; if something bad happened to him he is shabar.” Usually these qualities attitudes are treated as separate thing. But I see that actually these quality attitudes are different sides of a coin. One can not be shabar unless he is syukur. And one can not be syukur unless he is shabar.

Next tool is analog analysis, which are mentioned a lot in the whole al Quran. In reality the whole sciences that have been down loaded to mankind all started with a simple analogy analysis. Only by the of the 20th Century, man started using numerical analysis using the tawhid concept ( number 1 and 0) to understand and create things more accurately. This is the base for the Haqqiqat Era.

The gift or soft ware can be an instruction, or it can be a fact. If the one who receive the gift acts according to the instruction, then he has demonstrated his appreciation for the gift. And thus he is entitled to additional gift or soft ware, according to :”If you syukur with my gift (ni’mat), I shall add more.” By recycling the gift and combine with the additional gifts, the receiver will form a knowledge or science depending on the type of soft ware or gift.

The theoretical questions

  1. Why al Quran was not down loaded unto Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. within 24 ours?

There are many possible answers to this question. But the constructive answer would be : “Yes it could,  for Allah has power to do anything. But He wants to demonstrate the learning process through His Rasul. So the down load process took about 23 years.”

  1. Why Nabi s.a.w.asked his Shahaba to only record down the Al Quran, and not to record his saying, his action and his quiet?

The standard answer was :”So his ummah will not confuse he Quran with the hadith.” Of course it is very true. That is the main reason. But we notice that for a person to have so much information, like al Quran which contain things from the beginning up to the end (as explained in MSN sohbet May 23, 2010, QS6:38), he talked very little. So the constructive answer would be:”He s.a.w. wanted to demonstrate that Islam is about doing, not (only) about knowing, and that he s.a.w. wanted his ummah to notice that it is Allah who teaches mankind what they do not know (QS al Iqra ayah 5?).”

  1. Is the Quran that we read every day exactly the same as Quran that was down loaded unto Nabi s.a.w.

I know this is a very sensitive line of thought. But we have to address this question critically. It is said that al Quran is Nur or Light. Of course not regular light, but light loaded with information or knowledge. Throgh the existence of Black Hole in space, we learn that light responds to gravitational attraction. And we heard in one occasion when part of the Quran was down loaded to Nabi, he was perspiring heavily and in another time he s.a.w. was riding his camel, the camel was down crouching while the ayat was down loaded.

So al Quran is actually a coded book or multi layers book. While it was down loaded, the content was so much such that it respond to earth gravitational force, and thus Nabi’s weight  was increased instantly, and after it was installed, it went back to where it came from.

From this we can expect that the Quran that we read everyday is only the 1st layer of the book, which available to everyone. The complete book is specifically belong to Nabi s.a.w. as a guidance or manual for his role as the first created and the last Prophet.  And each of us have our own “Quran” as a guidance for leading our life, which is part of the Original Quran. Our “Quran” also evolves just like the original Quran. This is the content of MSN sohbet posted on June 7, 2010 and discussed about QS 2:148 and QS 17:84.

Thus it is clear that Islam is inclusive, it is not exclusive.

  1. Is it true that Nabi s.a.w. said :”Forward or transmitt even (if you have) one ayat”?

If this is true as the saying of Nabi s.a.w., then this is the key to the application of algorithme of the learning process. Since iti is Allah Who is The Real Teacher, then the learning process, in order to create the chance of thawaf or recycling as much as possible, it should involve as many as available learner of the sama level, which different in knowledge is no more than one ayat. This way murid can apply his craeativity to its maximum, and from this process of learning Allah will down load different details of the same knowledge, which is suitable for each individual murid. We learn from our mistakes, because to err is human. So this learning process learning by doing will involve trial and error process.

Muslim are very lucky because we have a perfect example, a perfect model in the form of Nbi s.a.w., which never do wrong. But at the same time it is very difficult to set our standard of performance  according to our model. And the ‘Ulama made it the more difficult by  being over protective toward the Ummah. This is done through “purifying” the Islam Teaching, strictly choose which hadith is strong and which is weak, etc. So Islam Teaching become exclusive. And by doing it ‘Ulama make the Ummat Muhammad s.a.w. become distant to their Lord.

And we tend to forget that the algorithme for learning process is actually the same for worldly knowledge and heavenly knowledge. Both are control by the same Authority, The Source of Knowledge. The different is only in the “wave length” or “frequency”. This fact is apparent when we follow the development of physics (science) in the sub atomic particles studies.

Simple example that we can derive Physics Law from al Quran is the The Second Law of Thermodynamics which say :”In a system, a process that occurs will tend to increase the total entropy of the universe,” whereas entropy is a measure of loss in potential, or of increase in turmoil. This law can be derived, qualitatively at least, from Surat Wal Asr. On the other hand using the Second Law we can understand better the target or the meaning of Surat Wal Asr. The Second Law states that if the process is done reversibly, without turbulence, then the loss does not occur. The Wal Asr Law is more strict in that there are 4 conditions to be fulfilled. The first condition is amanu (illa lazina amanu). I do not know Arabic, but I guess amanu here is a verb.If the process is to be reversible, without turbulency, the system should be in constant contact with Infinite Source of Energy all the time, this is other format of the Second Law.

Sio a man to be not in loss he has to be in contact with Allah all the time. And this is the meaning of the instruction to “zikr kathiran”, because we can not zikr (remember Him) as He should be remembered. Actually this Law of Wal Asr is a very high burden for ummat Mahammad s.a.w. Man has to do all the four terms and conditions to come back to his Heavenly Home not in bankrupt conditions.

May Allah forgive us all for our ignorance.

Bi hurmati Habib. Al Fatiha

June 24, 2010

sutono saimun joyosuparto


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