Vicious Circle and Virtuous Circle. 2nd Edition

Allahuma shali ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad wa salam. Al Fatiha.

Vicious Circle and Virtuous Circle. 2nd Edition

Have you ever heard about the phrase “caught in a Vicious Circle”? It is when something bad happened to you or around you and you do not know what to do about it. How can we rid ourselves off this Vicious Circle? Do not force your way out, it might confuse you or you might be unaware if you are caught deeper into the web. Is there any other alternatives?

We have to build our own Virtuous Circle, start with the simplest one! What is a Virtuous Circle? Remember about the analogy of “la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad rasul Allah”, as represented by numbers 1 and 0. Where the only Reality is 1, and the rest of the universe is nil, the universe is represented by Muhammad s.a.w. which is denoted by 0.   The whole creation were/are created by a combination of Nur Allah and Nur Muhammad, just like in Numerical Analysis everything can be created by  numbers 1 and 0. And now Allah is the All Giver. He is the Infinite Source.

On the other hand Muhammad s.a.w. is the Perfect Sink. He is Nil or 0, even as Allah and malaikat always send (and other creations) shalawat unto Muhammad s.a.w., and he stays Nil (denoted as 0/1 = 0). So we can say that Muhammad s.a.w. is a Perfect Sink or a perfect place to send shalawat? What is shalawat? It is a pray, an invocation. What is the content of pray that Allah send unto Muhammad s.a.w. ? I do not know. I was told that when Nabi s.a.w. asked shahabats to pray for him, he s.a.w. told them to say  “allahuma shali ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama shalaita ala Ibrahim wa ala ali Ibrahim

So I assume Allah send pray to His prophet according to his duty as a prophet. That mean when he asked the shahaba to pray for him and Allah ask us  to shali ala Nabi s.a.w., just as Allah shali ala Muammad s.a.w., without specifying what is the content of the du’a, we are not told what is the contents of the du’a. So actually when we say :”Allahuma shali ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad wa salam,” as we are instructed to do, we only riding along with the shalawat, the du’a that Allah performs for Nabi s.a.w.. And as the perfect sink Nabi s.a.w. has the capacity to accept all the shalawat, and send the same to all of his nation. Especially those who also send him the du’a, and maybe he s.a.w. will enriched it by a bonus or an addition with whatever Allah send him s.a.w., as Allah permit.

So if we make an intention make a close loop by up loading Allah Allah (or other Allah’s beautidul Names and Attributes) to our heart  and alternatingly send shalawat upon Nabi s.a.w. actually we are starting a circle, a loop, a thawaf, consists of the best deeds possible. And that is the Virtuous Circle. A Circle? Where is the loop connected? Does not Muhammad s.a.w. always return back to Allah at every moment? Also as Allah is al Akbar the All Great, every thing that connected to Him will form a circle.

Allah shower us with whatever we need for our life, even if we are not woshipping Him. And in that case there is no loop exist. But if we worship Him, as demonstrated by up loading the Beautiful Names and Atributes of Allah upto our heart, then there is a loop : He shower us with His Rahman, and we worship Him.  And that is one possible best deed, that we can do. And that is the first part of the Shahada.

If we also connect our selves to the loop between Allah and Muhammad s.a.w. through the shalawat that He shower on Nabi s.a.w., we demonstrated that we are ummat Muhammad s.a.w., then we expand our loop to include the second part of the Shahada. We shalu ala Nabi as instructed by Allah and he will return it with a better grade of du’a, just like he is preaching that if someone gives you salam (du’a of safety and peace) return it with a better one.   And this is the other best deed, that we can do. And thus we cover both possible loops of the complete Shahada.

And the whole universe from the biggest Galaxy to the smallest atom is involved in some kind of looping motion, each with its own path. Big loops. Small loops. Our body which consists of  trillion cells, which consists of molecules, which built up of (from?) atoms. Without electron whirling around the nucleus, we will not be here alive and kicking. And all these creations are doing the best deed, the thawaf. And if we are also doing our best deed (mentioned here), who ever we are, in our daily activities, then we are reverberating  with the universe, and  a very good situation will be induced around us, and that will definitely cut off any Vicious Circle that are present. Insya Allah.

And by doing that as continuously as possible we will get other additional benefits :

(1) we will form a good habit, such that iblis will have less chance of inducing us with a bad habit;

(2) Allah will hopefully consider us as one of His servant who knows how to be syukur, and thus showers us with more other good  as He promises, Notes : syukur is when one makes use whatever Allah already gives him for the good of himself plus for those around him, in this case he creates loops using information about dzikr and shalawat;

(3) and instead of complaining about the bad thing (Vicious Circle) which happen to us or to our surroundings, or blaming others for causing the situation, we out of good opinion (husnul dzon) towards Allah, we try  to get out of the slump using all of our potentials. This makes us qualified as those who are shabar. That means Allah is with whose who are shabar;

(4) with the permission of Allah, a peacefull conditions will be formed around us, and that will make us more creative and thus our life will be more usefull, whatever are our social standing;

(5) we will be in position to ask others around us  to joint us creating more loops and further create the Web of Virtuous .

And by so doing, insya Allah, we fulfill the conditions states in Surat wal Asr, and thus will be among those who are not loosing.


Forgive us of our ignorant ya Allah. Bi hurmati habib. Al Fatiha.


Sutono Saimun Joyosuparto

13 Juli 2010


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